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When to Start Your Baby on Solid Foods

Do you know when to start your baby on solid foods? If you have no idea on when and how to begin, start reading the article.
Solid foods mean food other than your breast milk. These foods will be soft and pureed (thick paste or liquid obtained by grinding the solid food like vegetables) in content. Liquid foods will also fall into this category.

When can you start feeding solid foods?

Each baby is different from others as they have different growth rates. So determining time is not possible. Certain signs in baby can help you find the right time for feeding solid foods to your baby. Baby should be on breast milk for 4 months after birth. Some pediatricians say that a baby on mother’s breast milk can stay on both breast milk and solid foods from 6 months to 12 months, while some babies can get ready for solid foods at 4 months age.

During pregnancy, the baby will get the required nutrients and vitamins from the food and medicines you take. After birth, those vitamins and nutrients will be stored in the baby which helps them to grow. As the child grows, the vitamins stored will start reducing and when the baby reaches the age of 4 or 6 months, you can see some signs which will tell you that she is ready for solid foods. These signs will give out cues on both mental and physical development of the baby and they are the following:

0-4 months: The baby is not ready to take any solid foods and she will thrust any food you keep in her mouth with her tongue.
4-6 months: the reflex of tongue thrusting the food will go away as he can take solid foods. You can check for drooling, or opening of mouth while looking at food. Baby will start chewing her fingers or things put in her mouth.
5-8 months: when the baby starts to sit upright with some support, it is time to feed him with pureed and mashed vegetables and fruits.
8-10 months: at this age, when she starts to sit without support, you can feed her cereals and breads and other soft foods including fish and meats.
9-12 months: you can start feeding the baby with spoon. Foods like grains, fruits, milk, eggs, vegetables and other iron content food can be fed.

Note: While introducing solid foods to baby, you should try to feed them with foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins which will help her growth. During this period, the primary food for the baby should be mother’s milk or any formula, if bottle fed.

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Planning to host a baby shower? Or a friend of yours recently gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby? How else could you express that you care for that friend of yours and her baby? A baby gift basket could be the best present that would express your concern.

A baby gift basket is one of those themed gift baskets that are presented containing items that are of value to the recipient. Oftentimes these baby gift baskets contain the following items that will surely give delight to the new parents and to the new addition. You could make use of this information to create or stuff your own baby gift basket that will rid you of those more expensive commercialized kinds.

Nursery room items. These include colorful mobiles to keep the baby busy, lullaby music to soothe the infant, and nursery rhymes CD’s. Bigger items like layettes, changing mats for tables and cribs, and other furniture for the baby may be found in de luxe baby gift baskets. Educational toys are also good to make the baby gift basket more beneficial in stimulating the baby’s mental development.

Toys R Us. The following toys are also nice to place inside your baby gift basket. Rattles, pacifiers, teethers, feeding bottles, infant cups, bibs and spoons are also useful add-ons in your baby gift basket.

Bath Baby. Bath products for babies are also commonly found in baby gift baskets. These include baby shampoo, baby powder, baby towels, wipes, bubble bath, brush set and tub toys that the baby will surely enjoy in the near future. Baby clothing’s could also be considered as one of the best baby gift basket goodies that one could ever give. Just be sure that the clothes you’ll give suit the gender of the baby.

If you are to a baby gift basket to someone with a toddler or a young kid, the items should also suit the baby’s age. Soft toys, board books, board games, piggy banks will certainly win the jump with delight of a toddler. Clothes for toddlers are also nice to include in your baby gift basket.

If one is intending to give the baby gift basket as a baby shower present, it will be nice if baby cookies, baby cakes, jelly beans and other baby foods will be found there. Announcement and invitation cards may also bring some added surprise to the recipient of the basket. Small picture frames and albums could also add more fun to your baby gift basket. Surely, this sweet gesture will be appreciated.

Gourmet food, wines and other fine food may also be placed inside a baby gift basket for the parent’s celebration.

Oftentimes, bows and ruffles adorn the baby gift basket. But one could still be more creative by doing a decoupage of baby pictures or baby items. Other handmade crafts may add personal touch to your basket. They could be in the form of papier mache’, origami, sculpture, small painting, woven or knitted items, etc.

If the one giving the baby gift basket intends to give it during a christening celebration or baptism, a small bible, silver cups and any symbolic item that adheres to the theme of the celebration and that the recipient’s religion appreciates may also be placed in the basket.

A small gesture like giving out a well-thought of baby basket can surely go a long way. The recipient’s smile is enough to mean a sincere “thank you”.